take care!

tips for loving your jewellery

Archerade pieces are lovingly handcrafted, and just like all jewellery, can be somewhat delicate in nature. There will be normal wear and tear over time, but treating your precious items with care will not only prolong their lifespan, but keep them looking beautiful too.

in general...

  • as much as possible avoid all chemicals, and any substances that may be harsh or abrasive (ie remove rings when washing your hands, take that necklace off before jumping in the shower, apply moisturizer and then accessorize, don't wear jewellery in the pool!, etc..)
  • remove jewellery before doing any kind of activity that may cause damage (ie playing sports, painting your house, etc... because not only can you dent metal and chip stones, but if you are really exerting yourself, the salt in your sweat can react with metal/soft stones, and overall is not great for plated items)
  • try to remove all jewellery before going to bed - this is especially important if you are a tosser or a turner
  • do your best to keep your pieces away from excessive moisture, sunlight, heat, or cold
  • tugging on your chains is a no-no, as it weakens the links and can lead to breakages over time (I'm guilty of this one for sure)
  • your hands take the most abuse on a daily basis, so be mindful when wearing delicate rings, especially if there are stones (on a similar note, bracelets take a beating too, so watch your wrists!)
  • seasonal tip - scarves can be your earrings' worst nightmare, especially if they don't have backings

**if you remove your jewellery when out in public, make sure to store your items somewhere safe and easy-to-remember!**

with stones...

  • be careful when wearing jewellery with gemstones, as external force may cause chipping, abrading, or breaking (and some stones are more prone to injury than others)
  • mineral stones (like turquoise and lapis) are porous and absorbent, so be sure to avoid chemicals and harmful substances if at all possible
  • if your stone is held in place by prongs or claws, those tiny little pieces of metal will wear down over time - take your piece to a jeweller every few years to have your settings checked and possibly re-tipped, and keep those stones where they belong!!

keeping clean...

  • use warm water, mild unscented soap (or baking soda) and a very soft toothbrush to gently clean your piece of dirt and grime
  • for jewellery made of precious metal, you can purchase soft polishing cloths that will buff your piece safely to a light shine (be sure to use a jewellery-specific cloth, and avoid stones and non-metallic surfaces)
  • and don't forget, you can always take your piece to your local jeweller for a good ol' proper polish

in storage...

  • exposure to oxygen leads to oxidization of metal, otherwise known as tarnish - to avoid this, store your jewellery in sealable bags (not overly elegant, but it does the job!)
  • go one step further and keep each item in a separate bag, which ensures that your pieces will not scratch against each other

Obviously, it is difficult to be careful all of the time, believe me I know this! Just keep in mind that a little tender loving care can go a long way, and you and your jewellery will be just fine xx