style and design

creating and curating a collection

If you ask me, one of the most exciting aspects of making jewellery is the design process. The idea of taking a rough, flat idea, and turning it into a wearable object with weight and substance... there are just so many possibilities. The Archerade brand has definitely evolved over the years to become more focused and cohesive, but it will always have the basic, underlying elements of my own style. The designs have strong silhouettes, accentuated by layers of texture and pattern that soften the lines and add depth. Because everything is done by hand (and because I am not a machine!), each piece has a familiar, handworked charm, that both complements and contrasts the modern edginess. Archerade is a fluid, ever-changing concept that moves forward as I do, complete with all the stumbles and curses that keep me humble, challenged, and motivated to do better. I always want to feel as though I'm creating something distinct, that feels genuine, and stays true to my design process and ideals. So far so good I think, but it will always be a work-in-progress!