jewellery design & goldsmithing

Hello and welcome to my jewellery addiction, aka Archerade. Though overwhelming at times, it's a (mostly) healthy obsession, so do what I do and just embrace it!

I am a fervent designer, which means I go through sketchbooks and pencils the way I go through chocolate bars (that is to say, enthusiastically and with abandon). I am also a die-hard goldsmith, and you can trust that I have all the bruises, cuts, and ruined manicures to prove it.

Everything you see here has been created, from the first rough sketch to the final polishing touch, in a west-end Toronto studio. It is all handmade (by me!), using as many local resources as possible. I also take great care to ensure that environmentally and socially responsible products and practices are used.

Here it is: I love what I do, and I really hope you do too.

xx sash